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60+ Resources for Healthy Living

I’ve been trying to lose weight since I was a kid. Which some people might find sad, but I like to think of it as a positive. The fact that I’m still trying after literal years builds some pretty fucking amazing determination and dedication skills. Plus, the more I try and fail, the more I learn about what works and what doesn’t work for getting and staying healthy. And trust me, I know a lot about what doesn’t work.

But what I DO know is that having resources is one of the most important things for me. Because 1) I love to learn, so anytime I get to read something new about a topic, I feel more inspired to go out and actually try it and 2) I get bored really easily. So having new healthy recipes to try and quick, effective workouts for me to whine through are a must.

So because we’re all friends here, I’m sharing with you 64+ Resources for Healthy Living! I’ve broken everything down into categories from nutrition and workouts to apps and healthy lifestyle bloggers. Because if there’s anything that I’ve learned, it’s that having options is important.

Resources for a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition + Recipes

The Science Behind Health

PhD Eats: breaking down the science behind nutrition 

Crunchy Mama Science: simple + healthy living tips with a side of the science behind natural living 


As I’ve mentioned before, snacks are my life blood, but it can be hard to have healthy ones sometimes. Because chocolate is just so enticing. But here are some links to help:

8 No Bake Oatmeal Energy Bites: this is one of these recipes that toes the line between good for you and not so good for you. But they’re so good that I think it’s fine to pretend that they are good for you. 

5 Simple No Cook Snacks 

5 Simple Snack Boxes for Busy People

100 Calorie Healthy Snacks

Meal Prepping

Prepare your meals or prepare to fail…or something like that. But seriously, a lot of people swear by meal prepping. If you’re like me and by Wednesday are tired of what you prepped for the week, then only prep a couple of days at a time. Or find 2-3 different recipes that use mostly the same main ingredients but maybe the spices or cooking method are slightly different. That way it feels like a different meal, but the base is just the same.

Meal Prep for Two

$70 Grocery Haul and Meal Plan Ideas or Two Adults

Clean Eating Grocery List

17 Foods to Prep on Sunday to Eat Healthy All Week

Budget Friendly

15 Frugal Meals for a Small Grocery Budget 

Broke Girls Guide to Healthy Eating

Top 20 Recipes for Eating Healthy on a Budget 

Healthy Switches

for those “shit, I want Chinese food but I’m trying to be healthy” days

General Tso’s Cauliflower 

White Bean and Avocado Baked Burritos

Avocado Chocolate Mousse 

Dark Chocolate Flourless Fudge Brownies 

How to Hide Vegetables in Your Food (with 60+ tips AND recipe ideas)


How to Build Your Own Workout Plan in 6 Steps 

10 Reasons to Buy a Jump Rope: this lady if 54 and is rocking her jump rope workouts. If I wasn’t so uncoordinated, I’d might give it a try 

Ice Cream and French Fries: talking about weight loss and their experiences with Crossfit 



MyFitnessPal: probably one of the most used tracking apps. I used it for years and it’s great. Simple interface, extensive (like really fucking extensive) database of foods, and there’s the ability to create your own recipes.

LoseIt: this is the app I currently use, and I’d say if you’re going to use it, you might as well upgrade to Premium. With premium, you can plan meals ahead of time, and get access to so many more tools like insights into your eating habits, goal settings, and nutrient breakdowns. Well worth the money, if you ask me. 

iTrackBites: this is an app that I used a few years ago when I didn’t want to count calories and really wanted to try out WeightWatchers but didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a program. It uses the same points system that WW uses, but it’s much less expensive. I will say, I liked the WeightWatchers interface better, but if you’re looking for a cheaper option then this is it. 


7 Minute Workout: The app that makes it easy to have an effective, quick workout. And yes, it really is only 7 minutes. It takes you through 30 seconds of a high intensity move, then 10 seconds of rest where you curse the gods, and then you do it again. I usually sweat, bitch, and moan my way through 3-4 rounds of this torture to get to 25-30 minutes of working out in total. 

Stronglifts 5×5: Also for those people wanting a workout where you don’t have to think too hard about what to do. Mostly for those looking to gain muscle and strength. 3 times a week you go through 3 different strength building exercises, building up the weight each time. And that’s it. Definitely effective when you push yourself and actually up your weights each time, but I’d recommend supplementing with some cardio as well (yeah, I hear you whining about it).

Fitocracy: If you like games then this ish is for you. This app has found a way to gamify working out. You get points for each type of exercise you do in your workout, based on intensity and time. And it’s addicting af.


Dietbet: If you’re the gambling type, then bet on yourself and lose 4% of your body weight in 30 days. If you do, you split the pot with the other winners. If you don’t….we don’t talk about what happens when you don’t. (You just lose your money. But I hate losing money so let’s shhh about it, ok?) P.S. they also recently launched some step challenges as well, if you’re not about betting on weight loss. 


Book and Movie Ideas to Get You Started 

A Busy Girl’s Guide to Staying Fit (Or at Least an Attempt to Do So): for all y’all starting out that say you don’t have enough time… 

How to Get Motivated for Exercise – Even When You Don’t Feel Like It 

HauteMessLife: homegirl has lost 130 pounds and went from a size 22 to a size 4. In only a year. So if you’re thinking that you can’t do this, just look at her and remember that you totally, totally can. 

Mental Health

Yoga for Health

Modern Day Girl Blog: mental health inspiration for women (lots of mental health focused freebies!) 

Anxiety, Gratitude, and Information Overload (+ tips to work through it) 

“Diet” Options

Not one of those “drink only water with lemon and cayenne pepper” diets. I’m talking gluten free, Whole30, keto, vegan type diets.

Gluten Free with LB: one of my FAVORITE sites for recipes because everything is gluten free. Yes, everything. 

20+ Fabulous Keto Dinner Recipes  


Vegan/Plant Based

Make it a Lifestyle

This isn’t just about eating right for a week or a month or until the weight comes off. It’s a change you have to commit to for the long haul. Which is something I’m still working on, so you’re not alone. The people below are fellow bloggers who are on the same journey. Some post recipes; some post holistic health ideas. Find someone you like a give it a read and a follow!

Holistic Mind, Body and Soul

Just Keep it Simple Fitness

Two Places at Once Blog: accessible homemade recipes using wholesome ingredients. As someone who has had the pleasure of eating many of Becca’s recipes, I cannot recommend checking out her blog enough! 

Megan Did What: anti inflammatory food and wellness 

Lyndsey Budesa: holistic health and wellness through whole foods 

Simply Well Balanced (lots of health focused freebies!) 

AP Power Fit: fitness, health and wellness tips 

Finding Fibro: chronic health and living with invisible illnesses

Mighty Little Habit: habit building and making lifestyle changes 

Mindy Fresh: healthy recipes, nutrition, and exercise

I Am Teacher Fit: health and fitness for busy people 

Nutriwell Consulting Health and Wellness 

Hippie Dippie Mom: making healthy choices for the whole family 

Brave Wings Coaching: Wrae provides self care and confidence coaching for those in transition and parents of kids with special needs, which fun fact!, is one of my side passions. 

Love Wyns: Husband and wife team blogging about health (with a recent post about essential oils for health!) 

Viorela Tarachiu: health hacks and fitness tips

Crunchy Mover: physical, nutritional, and mental health through a plant based diet, movement, and mindfulness practices. Basically a community hangout for optimal wellness 

Life on Full Online: holistic health and faith with multiple posts on mental and physical health 

Her Happy Heart: has a whole section of her site dedicated to health (including a recipe for gluten free pancakes that looks BOMB) 

The KR Way: their mission is promote a well balanced and healthy life

Smitten Kitchen: chock full of healthy recipes (and some not so healthy ones but it’s about balance). I highly recommend the tahini sauce from this recipe. Like, HIGHLY recommend. 

Not listed here but want to be? Or do you have a resource that you think is worth adding? Let me know in the comments below, or by dropping me a message here!

Healthy Living Tips

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  • Wow what a list! I have bookmarked this for later. xx

  • wow – what a great list! Love this! thanks for sharing, I will check many of these out!

  • Great resources! Bookmarking this for later. I love looking at health related thing when I need a boost. This will keep me busy for at least a day!

    • Yay! Thanks for reading, and I hope you’re able to put some of these to good use!

  • Great selection of resources, I think we all need a little help to lost weight. I have the problem that I’m very short and my fiance can eat so much more than me and still lost weight that it’s depressing, slow and steady wins the race though! We will get there in the end!

    • I have the same issue! I’m only 5 foot 2, but my boyfriend is well over 6 feet. He can eat mounds of food and actually loses weight faster then when he eats less. It’s so annoying! Glad you found some helpful resources though 🙂

  • Dymond

    I’m headed to college and really trying to avoid the freshman 15

    • Hopefully this will help! My freshman year actually wasn’t as bad as a lot of people say! I felt like I had the ability to make my own schedule, so I made sure to build in some time to go to the gym, and make my own meals as often as I could. I also felt like I got in more walking just because I was walking all over campus a lot. Hope you your freshman year goes well!

  • Yes to all of this! Thanks for sharing.

  • the sophia diaries

    Oh, totally gotta save this for when I have more time to spare haha

    • Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of material here! I’d love to hear what your favorite resource is once you get to go through the whole thing! 🙂

  • Great post! I downloaded the itrackbites app! I’ve never heard of it, but I’ve looked into WW a few times and this looks like a great alternative. Thanks for sharing these tips !

    • YAY! I have a friend who lost 40+ using the app, and I lost a good bit when I used it consistently as well! Let me know what you think of it!