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How to Rebrand Your Blog (& why I did!)

 and welcome to the new and improved Adventures with Asha!

I’m *literally* so excited that you’re here (and even more excited if you read that like Chris Traeger from Parks and Rec).

Now let me tell you. This was a long time coming! I’ve been blogging for years, and over that time my blog has been on many different platforms, gone through many different names, and been about many different things. I’ve blogged about self-care, travel, health, my personal life – it’s been all over the place, and it hasn’t always been a true representation of me.

But I wanted this blog to be different. I want it to feel like an extension of me. And as hard as I worked on Adventures with Asha before, during, and after it’s original launch 3-ish months ago, it still didn’t feel right.

So I’ve spent the last few weeks really re-thinking the blog and what I wanted it to be. And I came to the decision to totally rebrand – from color schemes and design, to what I blog about.

Now before you click that X and leave! – the blog will still be about my adventures, and my goal is still to inspire people to take their own adventures. I just wanted to hone this message, refine it, and make it even better: for you!

My mission for Adventures with Asha blog is to help women own who they are – right here, right now – while leaving room to grow, change, and be the best version of themselves possible.

I’m an advocate for sisterhood, self-care, and slaying life, and I wanted those to be more obvious pillars of Adventures with Asha.

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Ok cool, I’ve got a new mission. But why would I want to totally revamp the blog?


I wasn’t being true to who I was (and that sucked)

I was trying too hard to make content based on what I thought people wanted to read. Now as a blogger who wants to grow her blog, this is important to keep in mind. I don’t want to put out content that totally falls flat. But this is a blog that’s about my life and my journey. So it should reflect who I am, without fear of what other people will think.

I wanted to be more vulnerable (which is hard)

Speaking of not caring what other people think: for a looong time I hid a lot about my mental health journey. But I don’t want that to be the case with Adventures with Asha. I want this to be a community that welcomes difference and uniqueness, blemishes and flaws. I want people to come as they are. But that means that I have to show up just as I am too (and be a little more vulnerable in the process).

I want to help people (like you!)

Throughout all the versions of my blog there was one thing in common (other than me being the author) – I always wanted to help people by sharing my journey. Whether it was health and weightloss tips, or stories about studying abroad – I always wanted to put out useful content. With the new branding, my whole purpose is to help improve the lives of, well, you. Keeping that at the forefront is what I really love about the new Adventures with Asha.

I want to have a strong brand (and I want that brand to be me)

The more research I did about blogging, the more I started to realize the importance of branding. And unfortunately, my brand wasn’t saying what I wanted it to say. It wasn’t aligning with 1) what I wanted to do with the blog, 2) how I wanted people to feel when they came on Adventures with Asha and 3) who I am as a person.

And that was scary. First that what I was doing wasn’t 100% me, but also the fact that I wanted/needed to change it.

I just had to keep telling myself : “just like how it’s totally ok to change your style or hair or job, it’s totally ok to change your blog

It’s totally ok to change your style or hair or job, & it’s totally ok to change your blog… Click To Tweet

So how did I do it?

Step 1: Create a business plan.

Just like a mission statement drives a business, you need a mission statement to drive your blog Click To Tweet

I started by creating a business plan, complete with an actual mission statement, vision, a new marketing strategy, financial plan, goals, and branding elements. Because if I was going to do this, I was going to do it.

The mission and vision section of this are probably the most important. Just like how a mission statement drives a business, you need a mission statement to drive your blog. It keeps ya focused, and lord knows I needed that.

Interested in seeing my blogging business plan + making your own? Don’t worry! It’ll be in my resource library soon! (So subscribe now to get access as soon as it’s up!)

Step 2: Revisit my mood board for the blog.

I created a mood board when I first toyed with the idea of doing Adventures with Asha. And lemme tell ya…it was all over the place. So I thought I should revisit my initial board, and make a new one. Enter Pinterest. I created a board called Rebranding Inspo. Anytime I came across a post that represented the look, feel, color, vibe, etc. that I wanted for Adventures with Asha, it went on the board.

And I started to notice a theme. Everything was inviting, light and bright. There was kind of a hipster vibe, lots of plants, and copper was a prominent color. And just like that, I had my branding. Doing this gave me a better understanding of how to visually showcase my brand.

Step 3: Check out the community.

Some people call this checking out the competition. But I’m all about community over competition, so let’s keep it civil ok?

My next step was to visit other blogs do something similar to what I do. What do I like? What do I hate? How are they killing the game, and what can I learn?

I took notes, and used them as inspiration for how I wanted to put together my blog.

Step 4: Sketch it out.

Next, I drew a mock up of my ideal home page, post pages, about pages, etc. I thought about whether or not I could recreate this with my current theme. What were the necessary elements that I needed/didn’t have? Did I really need to invest in something different? (It ended up that I did need to get a new theme, but if that’s not an option for ya then work with what you got, girl!)

Step 5: Design, design, design.

Then came the fun part: I got to do the new design elements! Now I did my own designing in Canva (which is a great free resource if you’re looking to make your own logo, Pinterest images, headers, PDFs, etc.!), but you could also use sites like Etsy or Fiverr if you want a professional to help ya out.

I made a new logo and headers; took new brand photos; made new Pinterest templates and board covers. It took a while, but throughout the process I learned a ton more about how to visually exhibit my brand.

Most of these designs also went into my business plan so that I had easy access to them when I needed them!

Step 6: Make it all match.

Once I had all the design elements done, it was time to make everything match. Now I didn’t realize just how intensive this part would be.

There’s a lot of moving parts to a blog. There’s the posts themselves, which include the images, pinnable images, subscribe buttons, signature image, and section colors.

Then there’s the subscribe forms, landing pages, email newsletter templates, and the theme itself. Not to mention the category pages, the about me…to be honest it was a lot.

Tip: consider shutting down your blog for a bit while you do this. I found it helpful to make the blog inaccessible for 2 weeks while I made the changes because I hated the thought of people seeing it in a half finished state. It forced me to get all the updates done at once without dragging out the process, and allowed me to build some excitement around the relaunch on my social media channels! I actually got some new email subscribers just from this!

Step 7: Promote, promote, promote!

I put into WAY too much work to this rebrand to not celebrate it with my people! I told my friends, I told my family. I sent out an announcement to my email list. I posted on social media, and in my blogging groups.

Because here’s the thing: people (good people I should say) are just as excited about your progress as you are.

Here’s the thing: good people are just as excited about your progress as you are Click To Tweet

Step 8: Celebrate!

Once I was done, ya girl celebrated like it was 1999. No joke, there was wine. Lots of wine.

So what’s different?

Well I’ve got a new mission and vision for the blog. It’s got a whole new look, and some new post categories. I’ll be talking a lot more about mental health, self-care, and this growing side hustle and how I balance that with my work life. I’m even starting a resource library full of free worksheets, guides, etc. to help you in this thing called life. 

Basically, I’ve also got a lot more ideas on how to help you all own who you are while leaving room for growth.

Because you already are a badass; I just want to help you see it.

Other than that, it’s the same old me. I’m still planning to post once a week for the time being. And I’ll also be sending out a monthly (maybe bi-weekly?!) newsletter chock full of life updates and exclusive sneak peeks, so don’t forget to sign up for that!

Are you thinking of switching things up with your blog (or your life)? Let me know what you’re looking to upgrade, and how I can help!

How to Rebrand Your Blog

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  • Love the design of your blog, Asha!! (Love your name too!!) I just rebranded my blog too. I mentioned to someone recently that I feel like the universe keeps showing me blogs that have been rebranded lol And it makes me feel good about my decision to rebrand.

    Rebranding is definitely scary and exciting all at once. It’s hard work, but the pay off that you get knowing that your new blog is exactly what you’ve been wanting it to be is amazing! I’m so excited for your new content!! Sharing this post.

    – Sade |

    • Thank you so much Sade! I’ve been feeling the same thing about seeing lots of rebranding too! Seems to be the time for change, doesn’t it!

      Thanks so much for sharing the post! I can’t wait to check out your blog too!

      • Thanks, Asha!! I just relaunched earlier today. I’m super excited with the new look and focus.

  • Judy Rotger

    Congrats and thanks for sharing! I’ve been thinking about a rebrand ever since I launched over a year ago haha! I think it’s time.

    • It was hard, but definitely worth it! It really did help me get some focus back to my blogging, and I’m even more excited to write more and produce great content!

  • Oh hey girl congrats on the rebrand your blog branding, colors, and mission are FIRE!! I can totally relate on all the feels of what led you to start fresh…especially not feeling like myself with my old path. Super excited to see your new content!


    • HEY GIRL HEY! I’m so glad you like it as much as I do!! I feel like it all came together (f-ing finally!) and I’m even more excited to create content! Also shoutout to you because your e-course really helped me hone my vision for the blog!

  • I’m constantly rebranding! I *think* I’ve finally got it down, but I totally could have used this post a few months ago!


    • Hopefully you found a few things in that are still useful! And I definitely think I’ll go through another change at some point! If I’m ever 100% happy with how my blog looks, I don’t know what I’d do with myself! P.S. I love the look of your blog! So bright and crisp!

  • Charlotte Monnoyer

    Loved this posted! I rebranded this year & it really is such a big task & accomplishment! I’m loving the new theme for your blog. Yes girl slayyy 🙌🏻

    • Girl, I had NO idea how long it would take to rebrand!! But it was so worth it in the end! and *thank you* 🙂

  • Jodi Collins

    I love your rebrand!!! Congrats and really great informative article!!

  • Loved reading about your process! Congrats on the launch.

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you found the process interesting – because I was totally obsessed with it!

  • Nichole Pricha Stockman

    So happy for you! Loving the rebrand, and the mission behind it. Really correlates with my values and mission. Excited to see what the future holds for you!

    The Daily Pursuit

  • Hey Asha –

    I love your rebrand!

    I’m totally vibing with your mission & I’m so excited to follow the content you create around it. Like, empowering women to grow and being there for them! I’m all about it.


  • Tyra Skinner

    Waaah Asha! I’m so proud of you! I know the amount of work you put in because we connected at the beginning of your rebrand! This color scheme is amazing and so YOU. Quality website girl. Excited to read more of your posts. I’m subscribing again because I don’t know if I already have!

    I’m totally interested in getting help with a business plan for my blog. I’m going to do blogtober challenge, but in November I need some heeeelp!

    Much love😘💕❤️

    • I’m so glad that you like it!!! I definitely wanted it to feel more like me, so I’m happy that came across! And YAAAS girl get ready for that business plan post! It should be up mid-October. And let me know if you have any questions in the meantime! 🙂 xoxo