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I Went to 7 Ice Cream Shops in One Day

Storytime!: Will and I tried to go to as many ice cream shops in one day as we could. Call us crazy (really, go ahead. I know we are), but for some reason I got it in my head that this would be a fun adventure.

And for the first 4-ish places it was really fun! Until it really, really wasn’t.

Ice Cream Eating Contest

I’m doing something a little different today by just blogging about an adventure. Normally I’d be giving some sort of advice, buuuut your girl is tired and it sounded way more fun to just write about this ice cream challenge that Will and I set for ourselves (aka the ice cream challenge that I forced Will to do with me).

I’ll probably still give you a few tips at the end, because who would a be if I didn’t provide you with some sort of value in this post (a bad friend and blogger, that’s who). But for the most part, this will be a pure story time. Scroll down to the bottom if you just want the tips. It’s ok – I’ll forgive you.

So grab some coffee, some wine, or some ice cream if you’re feeling the ice cream theme, and get ready for a wild ride.

Oh and before we get started! I’ll have my full list of the Top Ice Cream Places in Austin – including all the places mentioned here + a few others – up in a couple weeks! Because of that, I’m not going to be touching too much on the ice cream itself, more on the experience…the dumb, dumb experience.

The Idea

So. Let’s go back to how this all began. A few weeks ago there was an ice cream festival in Austin. And I, like the sad sack of crap that I am, got lazy and did not go. And I was mad about it.

Late one night last week, I thought “well why the hell can’t I just have my own personal ice cream festival?! I won’t have to fight the crowds, I can choose exactly where I want to go, and I can do it on my own time!” Word to the wise: don’t always trust your late night thoughts.

And so the Ice Cream Challenge was born.

The Plan

My goal was simple: go to as many ice cream shops as possible and don’t die. Simple enough, right? The plan was to get the smallest serving possible at each location, and to go outside of my comfort zone and try flavors that I wouldn’t normally have. Normally I’m a chocolate girl all day every day, but let’s be honest – that’s pretty boring. And I didn’t want to be boring.

Being the type – A planner that I am, I started the planning process with a spreadsheet. I listed out all of the places we wanted to go (13 in total), complete with addresses and open and close times. Then I consulted MapQuest to optimize the route. Because if I was going to do this, I was going to do it as efficiently as possible.

The Execution

I-Day (Ice Cream Day) came.  I woke up feeling like I always do – anxious and hungry. I had my map and camera in hand. I was ready.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”VP6N2″ via=”yes” ]I woke up feeling like I always do – anxious and hungry.[/ctt]

Now the first few stops went without a hitch. 

We started at Holla Mode, a Thai Style Ice Cream food truck near Zilker Park that was super cool to watch being made. Seriously, if you’ve never seen Thai Style ice cream be made, you’re missing out.  

Next we moseyed on down to Cow Tipping Creamery and had a BOMB Earl Grey soft serve. Which -in case it’s not obvious – is a rave review because I hate all types of tea, but I loved this.

Then we went to Lick…and to be honest this is where things started to get disappointing.

Now we’ve been to Lick multiple times, and every time aside from one I’ve been disappointed. The flavors are funky and super out there – like Black Sesame Black Rice, Fromage and Fig out there. And it’s just not my cup of tea. Will, however, loves Lick, so I took one for the team on that one. 

We then headed over to Dolce Neve, a fairly new gelato place on South First. On the way, Will’s phone – which we were using as a GPS – just shut off. No warning, no apology, nothing.

This should’ve been the first sign. But the small optimist in me pushed on.

Dolce Neve was cute! The shop is in was one of those older Craftsman style homes which was super quaint, but it definitely smelled…old. Which is really off putting when you walk into an ice cream shop. We hit up The Science Cream next for some nitrogen ice cream. It was meh. The process of making it was cool process but not worth the $5.

These lackluster experiences probably should’ve been the second sign. But again,we kept on.

Then we went to Cold Cookie Company. Now let me rant about Cold Cookie Co for a second, because your girl was SUPER excited about going here. So it made it even harder to handle how disappointed I was. It was just standard af ice cream!! Maybe it’s because I had eaten crazier flavors earlier in the day. Maybe because I couldn’t eat the cookies because they were definitely gluten-full. But I wasn’t impressed. I did get a cute picture out of it though. So it’s the small things I guess.

Cold Cookie Company, Austin TX


And so the third sign came…which I promptly ignored.

The Downfall  

Now at this point Will and I really started to drag. We had visited to 6 places, and been out for over 2 hours. Plus Will thinks he is slightly lactose intolerant (which he did not remind me of until we were 7 ice cream shops in *imagine me rolling my eyes here*), so his stomach was not very happy with him, or with me.

As we walked out of our 7th place (Teo Gelato; it was good but not mind blowing), I started to have the sneaking suspicion that we weren’t going to make it.

We started cutting ice cream shops that we had already visited before off of our list.

I was definitely feeling the sugar rush, so I was simultaneously both hyped up and exhausted.

And I may or may not have gone on a rant after someone didn’t use their blinker when they merged lanes (because it’s a bitch move, don’t try to convince me otherwise!). 

But determined to power through a few more places, we headed to place #8 – Gelateria Gemilli.

Now tbh this next part was a whirlwind. Somewhere between driving there and parking, both Will and I lost our shit. Within 20 minutes we had parked, gotten in a fight about parking, walked into a gelato place, walked out without buying anything, and detoured to Torchy’s to stuff our faces with queso and tacos.

The day may or may not have ended with one of us throwing up in our Torchy’s cup. It was a good time.

And so we went home, slightly defeated and very, very full of dairy.

The Review

You guys I had really high hopes for this one. Like you know those stock photo images of people eating ice cream and laughing and looking like they are having the time of their lives? I thought that would be me. But that was definitely not the case.

I did learn some valuable lessons though. So if you think this is something you’d ever want to do, then please take this advice:

  1. Eat a good breakfast beforehand. We skipped this because we wanted to maximize room for ice cream. In hindsight, this was dumb. Don’t be dumb.
  2. Split everything with someone else. This was actually something we did right. We got a small size of everything and shared it which saved us some money and made our stomach hurts just a little bit less.
  3. This is a great way to explore a city. But it would definitely be better if you had someone else driving you around.
  4. Don’t bring your lactose intolerant boyfriend. It is not worth it.
  5. Don’t do this. Really. Just don’t.

So the tl;dr of this story: totally take a risk and do something a little crazy. Just don’t make that crazy thing a self-designed ice cream food tour, ok? Ok.

Til next time,

What’s one risk you’ve taken that was totally not worth it? Let me know down below!

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  • From Diam With Love

    first of all, YAY FOR ICE CREAM!!!! Secondly, that’s goals. I would love to eat all that ice cream in one day (preferably vegan or dairy free though hashtag lactose intolerant vegetarian). This was really cute and fun though. It definitely spoke to my inner foodie.

    • If you’re ever in Austin, there’s actually quite a few places that have dairy free and vegan ice creams!!

  • Tyra Skinner

    This is a perfect adventure for a date or a girls trip! I’m going to challenge my friends to do this when I return to China! However we will probably have difficulty finding ice cream places besides KFC and McDonald’s lol!

    • I never thought of this but you’re so right!! If you end up doing it, I can’t wait to hear about what you thought!

  • DeeDee Giles

    Just when I wanted to start a diet, I had to see that ice cream cone!!! Darn, now I have to go get ice cream 🙂

    • RIGHT?! I saw the picture and it actually made me want to eat more haha

  • HAHA, it really does sound like a super good idea to do this. I mean, ICE CREAM!!!??!?

    TBH I can barely handle three scoops normally! But… why does reading about your adventure doing this…totally make me want to do this… even though you say not to…


    • DON’T DO IT!! (but if you do please tell me how it goes because I’m actually interested ok thx 🙂 )

  • Courtney Coughlan

    Hahah this was awesome to read! I can’t believe Will is allergic to dairy and still undertook this experiment… I love icecream but after managing a gelato cafe for 2 years, I know that what you decided to do wouldn’t of ended great. There’s definitely too much of a good thing! Thanks for sharing your fun experience anyways 🙂

    • Yeah we definitely learned that lesson the hard way!

  • megan beaver

    The second I read that you’re going to do this I was on board. I would do the same thing too but I think if the ice cream wasn’t that great I would eat a couple bites of it and then toss it. I’m sorry one of you guys got sick that sounds like it wasn’t very fun.

    • That’s pretty much what we did! I think there was just too many different types that it didn’t work well in our stomachs 🙁

  • Emily Bendler

    This is an excellent telling of your adventure. My surprise came when you said that you were over 2 hours in and had already done 6 shops. If I were to try this, and I’m not saying I will, I would give up the whole day to the adventure and try to space out the shops more. Maybe use public transit and walking to spread it out and also burn off some sugar.

    • Yeah, we definitely could’ve slowed down, but we had some other events planned that night and were kind of in a rush! Also, Austin doesn’t have the best public transportation, so it probably would’ve taken 2 days to get to every place we wanted to! Great suggestions though! 🙂