Manifestation for Beginners

Let’s talk about manifestation! What it is, the analogy that has helped me understand it, and how to actually implement manifestation into your life as a beginner!

Now fair warning – I’m no manifestation expert. I haven’t studied it for years and I’m sure as hell not perfect at it. But if you’re looking for the opinion of a former skeptic/current beginner manifestator (what a title!) then this is the post for you!

Law of Attraction and Manifestation Tips

Ahhh manifestation.

If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever consider implementing manifestation into my life, I would’ve laughed in your face.

(Actually that’s a lie. I’m far too polite to laugh in someone’s face. But I would have thought how crazy you sounded later on.)

I was one of those people that saw The Secret about 3 years ago, before I knew anything about manifestation or what it was all about. I was on the hunt for some positive thinking, feel good, change your life motivation; I liked documentaries; I had Netflix. It fit the bill.

Some of the stuff resonated with me. Some it felt like a pile of crock. I could just think about anything I wanted, and if I thought about it hard enough it’d just mosey on over to me? Pssh, yeah right!

I was a solid parital-believer. I wanted to believe, but my mind wouldn’t let me.

I didn’t have faith.

And really that’s what manifestation is all about: faith. Literally, if you click away now or don’t take anything else from this post, just remember “faith”. Faith that you are capable of anything, even your wildest dreams. Faith that there will always be a way. Faith that struggles don’t last. Faith that, despite your fears or doubts, you can do anything.

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Still with me? Ok cool! Let’s start digging into it.

Manifestation for Beginners

What is manifestation?

Let’s start with a definition.

Manifestation (verb)Using your mind, heart and spirit to attract your conscious or unconscious hopes, desires, and dreams into your life. synonyms: Law of Attraction, Visualization, Faith, Belief, Trust, The Power of Positive Thinking

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Wondering why this isn’t the definition you get when you google manifestation? Well it’s because I made it up. Yuuuup. I’m all about putting things in my terms and this is the definition that I use when thinking/speaking about manifestation. (I mean this blog is called Adventures with Asha, not Google with Asha. But I digress!)

So let’s digest this, shall we?

First, I consider manifestation a verb. The dictionary calls it a noun – aka the actual result. Manifestation isn’t the result, it’s the action. It’s the deep seeded belief that you can have anything you want, anything you desire. It’s active, not passive. You got work for your manifestations, girl!

Next, it’s using your mind, heart, and spirit. A lot of people think that it is all about changing your thoughts – making them more positive and focused on what you desire (as opposed to what you lack). I have found the most profound success when I incorporate my heart and spirit into the manifestation process too. It’s not just enough for me to think it. I’ve got feel it, breath it, and live it. (For those who know a bit about vibrations as they relate to manifestation, you’ve gotta get those vibes high, and your mind is definitely not the only thing vibing!)

Then you’ve got the conscious/unconscious part. Now this one’s important, and what I think trips up a lot of people. It’s not just about changing what you say and think. It’s also about improving those subconscious hopes, desires, and dreams too! The things you aren’t shouting from rooftops. Hell, the things that you might not even be mindful of yet! Manifestation requires paying attention to your inner workings. Aka you can’t manifest without being mindful!

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Welcome to the Manifestation Hotel: The Analogy

Ok. So let’s review what we’ve learned so far:

  • Manifestation is active, not passive
  • Manifestation involves using your heart, mind, and spirit
  • Manifestation and mindfulness go hand in hand
  • Manifestation allows us to attract our hopes, dreams, and desires into our lives

Are you still a little confused about all this manifestation biz? Then let me lay down the analogy that I’ve been using recently to help me make sense of it all (because I looooove a good analogy!)

Imagine that your mind is a hotel. And like any hotel, it is in the business of filling up as many rooms as possible. Because it’s your mind, it’s rooms are filled with thoughts, dreams, desires, emotions, feelings, etc.

Now let’s say that your hotel is giving off a vibe that attracts some pretty negative guests. You might not have intended for this to be the case, and you might not know what is attracting such negative residents. But nonetheless, here they are.

It might start off with just a few, but because you welcome them in and then keep your marketing the same, more and more keep coming. They’re telling their friends. Word is spreading about the negative community. Pretty soon, you’ve got a negative conference happening at your hotel almost every weekend!

You start to realize, hey…this kinda sucks. These negatives, well they’re frankly not very nice. Pretty messy. Real debbie downers.

But because you are in the hospitality business, you can’t just kick them out. I mean you could, but you’re polite. So you acknowledge them, and then let them pass through. You thank them for being there (because they did teach you a lesson about what not to do), but once they’re gone, you make plans to change who you attract.

You change your messaging and marketing. You start saying “we’re a place for positives! Positive dreams, positive desires, positive feelings, come on in! We welcome you with open arms. We’ve got room for you here!”

You start filling the space with more positivity. You bring in some plants. Open the curtains. Maybe add a water feature or a bonfire area out back. It starts to feel real good in there.

And lo and behold, in come the positive thoughts, desires, and feelings! Then they start telling their friends how happy they are at your hotel. How there’s plenty of room for them. And then before you know it, the positives have their weekly meetings and conferences there!


But Asha….I’m still confused. Hotels? How the hell does this relate?! Don’t worry girl. I gotchu.


5 Easy Steps to Apply Manifestation to Your Life

So let’s take the manifestation definition and analogy from above, and break it into steps to successfully implement manifestation!

1.Get real about what you want

You’ve gotta get clear about what your desires are and be mindful of how you are communicating these to the universe. You know how in the hotel example it was unclear how all the negative guests were coming in? Well that’s because the requests were unclear. The advertising wasn’t explicitly asking for positive guests from Nevada; maybe it was just asking for guests. So you got guests…and they just happened to be negative.

So get real and honest about what you want, and be specific about those desires!

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2. Implement the pass-through method

Did you think it was kinda weird that hotel owning you didn’t give the negative guests the immediate boot in the analogy? Well that’s because you don’t want to focus on what you don’t  like or what you’re lacking.

You see, manifestation is pretty simple. It listens to what you’re saying and thinking brings that to you. It doesn’t understand the words “don’t”, “do less”, or “more”. It just sees what you’re putting energy towards, and brings you more of that.

So if hotel owning you had focused only on the negative guests – how much you hated them and wanted them gone – all the universe would’ve seen would be you focusing on the negative guests…and then it would’ve bought you more.  Not ideal.

That’s why you use the pass-through method! As the thoughts that you don’t want enter your head or heart (and they will, because you are human), let them be. Allow them to pass through. Don’t label them as good or bad, desirable of not desirable. Don’t give them energy (because manifestation LOVES and NEEDS energy).

Let your undesirable thoughts finish out their stay and then allow them to move on so you can make space for what you want!

3. Tell It

Whether it’s writing, speaking, mediating, journaling, singing, chanting… you’ve gotta tell the universe what you want!

Some people call this asking for what you want. I find it more helpful to tell it like it is. Don’t say “Can I please have $1,000 to pay these bills?”

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Speak it as if it’s already true! “Thank you for $1,000 to pay these bills! It feels so good to be living in abundance.” Because remember it’s all about mind, heart AND spirit! It’s not just about thinking it, it’s about feeling it, living it, imagining it, and surrounding yourself in it.

Remember how the hotel started attracting positive guests once the hotel itself was positive? Well that’s because like attracts like. What you have/focus on now, in the current, is what’s going to be attracted to you. So go ahead and get a jump start on it now (plus it helps the universe know exactly what you want).

4. Show gratitude, always

This one can be hard. Who really wants to thank the world for the bad shit? But being thankful and showing gratitude are different. Show gratitude for the “bad” by focusing on the clarity that it brings you and the progress that you gain. Or just decide that you’re going to own it – like how I decided to love my body even with all its imperfections! Because now you know that maybe you need to get more specific about your desires and how you speak to the universe!

And don’t forget to show gratitude for the good stuff too as it brings more of what you want! And we all want more of the good stuff!

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5. Take action

Remember how manifestation is a verb? Yeah, that means you’ve actually gotta take action! Manifestation is about the universe AND you! The universe isn’t just going to open up and rain down money. Remember, this isn’t passive. Once you decide to manifest your desires, you have to let those now positive vibes guide your actions!

You can ask the universe for a new job all day long, but if you’re not networking, looking at job sites, or sending in applications, then you’re not making room and space for those manifestations to actually manifest! Just like the hotel analogy, you’ve gotta have room for the manifestations to settle in!

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So my friend, how ya feeling? Ready to take over your life and manifest your greatest desires? I sure hope so!

Let me know what you’d like to manifest in your life in a comment below! Can’t wait to hear from ya!

Until next time,

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  • Nichole

    Love love love how you explained this! I’m so overwhelmed at how amazing manifesting is and learning people manifest the life they love!! I’m all about this life!

    • I’m manifestation obsessed too!! I manifested my new apartment and my current job. The power of our own voices and thoughts is so inspiring!

  • Maya Maceka

    Manifestation has been all over my social media for the past few weeks. And quite frankly, I was feeling a little lost! Thank goodness I found your post on Twitter. You explained everything so nicely – and the hotel analogy put it all together. Except now all I can see is an elevator in my head! 😆

    • It’s definitely blown up hasn’t it!! I’m glad this post broke it all down for you!

      And the idea of an elevator is actually a really good metaphor for the concept! Use it to connect to the idea of manifestation being a whole body experience. Just like an elevator going up, you’ve got to feel the desires in your toes, legs, stomach, believe it in your heart, say it in your words, and think it in your thoughts!

  • Stephanie Wilamowsky

    Ash, love your blog. The format, the layout, the intro on where to help people get started with searching. I also really enjoyed this post on manifestation, awesome job in breaking it down for others. I loved your hotel analogy lol… So clever.

    • Thank you SO much Stephanie!! I’m so glad that the layout of the blog is actually helpful – I definitely wanted it to be useful right from the start! And I’m such a huge fan of analogies so I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

  • Erin Ross

    I really enjoyed reading this! Well done, asha!!! I definitely need to try and tap into my manifestation more and allow myself to dream more again. I used to dream so much… now I look at it is I need money to pay for all my bills and I can’t dream about things that may not pan out

    • I felt the same way Erin! I used to dream ALL THE TIME, but then just stopped because adulting got in the way. But dreaming and manifesting gives us something to chase! And that’s still important now as adults!

  • Awesome post! I gotta focus on the taking action part lol. I do so much “dreaming” and “wishful thinking” that i can forget to take the first step and actually do something.

    I really like the analogy with the hotel – the mind can have a negative vibe or a positive vibe through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc.

    I swear, for me it’s really hard to keep a positive “vibe” overall. I’ve been making affirmation cards for myself and I think it’s helped a bit.

    • So glad you liked the post Veronica!

      Yeah – keeping the positive vibes can definitely be hard, especially when there’s a lot going on to bring you down! But I love that you’ve been making your own affirmation cards!! I used to have a whole jar full of positive phrases, quotes, and affirmations and it was SO helpful!

      I also think that reminding myself that every moment is a teacher is helpful too. I don’t think that everything happens to us for a reason, but I DO think that we can learn something from every moment of struggle!

  • Sepideh


    My hubby is KING at manifesting sh*t in his life and I mean things like manifesting a parking spot right in front of the restaurant (literally almost every time…) or winning $2,500 CASH at a half-and-half… I mean ..COME ON the guy has a horseshoe up his bum haha (then again, so do I, since he’s my hubby now! haha)

    When I looked back at my 2017 goals, I realized that I manifested EXACTLY the goals that I had set out for myself, but it wasn’t what I had intended. I wasn’t specific enough with my goals so then I *technically* achieved those goals even though they weren’t initially what I had in mind..!!!

    So for the new year, i’m going to be a lot more specific! But i love the other points you made – acting and thinking in a way that you already manifested what you wanted.

    What I learned from your post though point # 3 – TELL the universe what you want!! I LOVE THAT! That’s so much more empowering!!! “GIVE ME MONEY” rather than “I *need* money” haha It puts you in a position of power!!!!

    Seppy |

    • It’s so awesome that you already have a manifesting buddy!!! That is SO helpful to be surrounded by that good energy already!!

      And girl YES! I love that you realized that your thoughts need to be hella specific so that you get the results that you want! It’s like talking to a child – you gotta lay it all out, in DETAIL or else you will get a half done job haha. What are some of specific goals you’re setting?

      And I love your point about it making you feel like you’re in a position of power!!! I never thought of it that way, but I love it!! Cheers to manifesting the 2018 of our dreams!!!