93 Positive Affirmations

If you’ve been following me on social media recently (especially Twitter!) you’ll know that I’ve been getting really into manifestation lately. And a huuuuge part of my manifestation practice is setting intentions and expressing those intentions through positive affirmations! And I’ve become preeeeeetty obsessed with making different phrases to say in different situations. I’ve got positive affirmations for anxiety, positive affirmations for self esteem, positive affirmations for health – literally, imagine me like that Oprah gif (you get a positive affirmation, and YOU get a positive affirmation!).

Why? Because I truly believe that if you’re looking to explore a manifestation practice, or even if you’re just looking to bring a little more joy into your life, that positive affirmations are the way to go. That’s why I’ve got over 90 positive affirmations for you, for almost every situation in your life. All organized by category (because who would I be if I didn’t organize everything by category?!)

93 Positive Affirmations

93 Positive Affirmations for Every Situation


What are Positive Affirmations

Before we get to the affirmations, let’s talk briefly about what they are. For me, simple is best, so here’s my simple definition for ya: Positive affirmations are positive statements that affirm what you desire.

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So if you say “I am stupid, ugly, and gross”, then those would be negative falsities (yup, not affirmations. Because I 1,000% guarantee that you are neither stupid, ugly, nor gross).

If you say “I am a great doctor/lawyer/some profession that sounds good but isn’t your true passion” then that would be a positive statement. Definitely not negative, but it isn’t affirming your true desires.

But if you say “I am positive in the face of struggle, I am strong, I am wildly successful at *insert job of your dreams*”? Now THAT’S a positive affirmation! It’s affirming what you truly want and desire, and does so with certainty and positivity.


How to Use Positive Affirmations

Ok so we know what a positive affirmation is. But how do we use them?

Remember how ya girl likes simple? Let’s get the rules simple too:

  1. Determine what your true desires are
  2. Create positive affirmations around these desires
  3. Speak them as if they’re already true, as often as you can

You might find yourself asking, “Is it really that simple, Asha?” Yes friend. Yes it is.

Positive affirmations are really just about speaking what you really want as if it’s really true, and doing it as often as you can. And not just when you want it! Make sure to use your positive affirmations even when you already have what you desire. Gratitude is important for manifestation!

I also use positive affirmations as a way to redirect my thought process. So if I’m anxious, I may say “I see the signs in my feelings.” Now only does this affirm a positive trait that I want to have be a foundation of my character, but it also is a reminder to me to look at why my anxiety is happening, and use it as a roadmap to healing. Make sense?

If not, or if you’re looking for a little more of an in-depth look positive affirmations and manifestation, then check out my Manifestation for Beginner’s post!


Affirmations for Every Instance

Now let’s get into the affirmations, shall we? Like I mentioned before, I’ve organized the affirmations into categories.

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. I am calm.
  2. I can weather this storm. I particularly like to imagine myself at sea, in the middle of a giant storm. The waves are thrashing the boat around, but I’m manning the sails like a true badass. It’s oddly calming
  3. I am surrounded by calming forces.
  4. Anxiety is my strength. This one might seem weird, especially if you haven’t read my post about how to make anxiety your superpower. But reframing a traditionally negative feeling/mindset can be really helpful for anxiety.
  5. I overcome stress. I live in peace.
  6. I flow through my feelings with ease.
  7. I release negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones.
  8. I am social, I like meeting people, and I am good at it. (For my friends with social anxiety.)
  9. I am excited about the future, and do not fear it’s greatness.
  10. I see the signs in my feelings.
  11. I live an anxiety free life.
  12. I trust that this difficult road will lead to a beautiful destination.
  13. I know that this bumpy road is just part of a beautiful journey.
  14. I am more courageous than I am fearful.
  15. I regularly punch anxiety in the face. Just to show it who’s boss.
  16. I’m ok.

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Positive Affirmations for Self Esteem

  1. I am enough.
  2. I am powerful.
  3. I am a badass.
  4. I walk the walk, talk the talk, drink the drink, eat the…eat. I do it all, and I do it well.
  5. I celebrate my uniqueness and individuality.
  6. I am confident and courageous.
  7. I am strong, smart, confident, capable, and calm. (I associate each adjective with a different part of my body for this one. So I will imagine my arms flexing for strong, holding my head high for smart, pulling back my shoulders for confident, releasing my breath for capable, and planting my feet for calm. Not only does it solidify my words, but it helps me change my physical composure too!)
  8. I believe in myself, my skills, and my abilities.
  9. I have a specific purpose to fulfill in this world.
  10. I make a positive impact on those around me.
  11. I honor who I am.
  12. I accept all my flaws and follies, mishaps and mistakes.
  13. I have solid, unbreakable self-confidence.
  14. I love myself.
  15. I am proud of who I am and what I have accomplished.
  16. I am beautiful.

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Positive Affirmations for Positivity

  1. I shall stay calm in moments of stress and anxiety, so as to allow positive thoughts and actions to manifest from me. – Leon Brown
  2. I don’t allow negative thoughts or actions to drain me.
  3. I only allow positive thoughts and actions to fuel me.
  4. I am a magnet for positivity.
  5. I attract positive people, events, and activities into my life.
  6. I set my worries aside and trust in God/the universe/a higher power to bring my everything I need.
  7. I feel joy and peace in this moment.
  8. I find fun in everything that I do, even those things that are boring.
  9. My heart is overflowing with joy.
  10. There is no room in my life for negativity. I’m like Rose on that door in Titanic. It might look like there is room on my door for both, but negativity is going to have to drown today.
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Positive Affirmations for Abundance

  1. I am a money magnet.
  2. Abundance flows to me, freely and easily.
  3. I think in terms of abundance, not in terms of lack.
  4. I am not afraid of wealth and abundance (if you’re like me, you actually balk at the idea of lots of money. When you’re in that mindset, you’re closing yourself off to more opportunities for abundance!)
  5. I release all negative feelings about money.
  6. I welcome wealth and abundance into my life.
  7. I take actions to create prosperity.
  8. Money is my friend, not a fear (Fish are friends, not food!)
  9. I embrace new ways to make money.
  10. I am open to creative ways to make money.
  11. I use money to better my life and the lives of others.
  12. I am generous with my money.
  13. I can handle massive income with grace.
  14. I have everything that I need and want.
  15. I make $_________, just bought ____________, and I feel ___________! (already imagining yourself achieving your goal and embedding yourself in how you feel in that moment is such a powerful affirmation! Plus it’s extra motivating and helps you take firm steps in that direction. Because remember, affirmations are nothing without action).

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Positive Affirmations for Growth

  1. I allow myself the freedom to make mistakes.
  2. I allow myself the opportunity to dream big.
  3. I am open to new opportunities.
  4. I welcome in new challenges.
  5. I trust in my ability to grow through what I go through.
  6. I find strength in instability.
  7. I am a work in progress, and I am ok with that.
  8. I take risk in order to have great reward.
  9. I see roadblocks as unexpected shortcuts to something better.
  10. I am always ready uplevel.
  11. I learn from previous versions of myself, and use those lessons to propel me forward.
  12. I know that step by step, I am creating my ideal life.
  13. When I fall, I get back up. Sometimes I lay there for a while. I might cry. But I always get back up.


Positive Affirmations for Health

  1. I enjoy exercising.
  2. I regularly fuel my body with healthy foods.
  3. I treat my body with respect.
  4. I pay attention to what my body need, and make sure that I give it what it needs.
  5. I release stress from my body.
  6. My body is a wonderland. (John Mayer wasn’t lying!)
  7. I sleep soundly and peacefully.
  8. I have achieved by dream body, and it feels amazing.
  9. I surround myself with people who respect and support my healthy choices.
  10. I love every aspect of my body.


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Positive Affirmations for Success

  1. I am full of great ideas.
  2. I regularly share my ideas with others.
  3. I am unafraid of failure or rejection.
  4. I don’t get in my own way.
  5. I am successful today, tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day, and the next day.
  6. I have big dreams that I do not shy away from.
  7. I see fear as fuel for success, so I throw fear on my fire like it’s gasoline.
  8. I am not scared to ask for the raise.
  9. I am not scared to ask for the promotion.
  10. In fact, I deserve both a raise and a promotion, and I take actions to ensure that I receive both in a timely fashion.
  11. I know that everyday, I am becoming more and more successful.
  12. I believe in my passions.
  13. I have reached my goal of ___________ and I feel ____________!


How are you going to use your affirmations? One of my favorite ways is to create a mantra using 3-5 different affirmations! Pick your favs, and let me know your mantra below!

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  • The Sunday Mode

    This is exactly what I needed to read right now and damn, your affirmations are so good! They’re uplifting and they make me feel better just reading them, and even the way you write the affirmations is so badass!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  • Sepideh


    Literally LAST NIGHT I started a page in my Bullet Journal with positive affirmations and I repeated a few of them to myself today and I LOVE it!!!! I’m going to use a few of yours for inspiration (like the one about welcoming prosperity!)

    Seppy | http://www.elleisforlove.com

    • Hahaha that’s one of my faves too!! Glad I could give you some more ideas for your bullet journal girl!

  • Kristen Shane

    I LOVE this! The internet, the blogosphere, and the world needs more of this!! Always love your blog & this post is especially special, haha! Hope you have a great week 🙂

  • Maya Maceka

    Confession time!

    Earlier today, I commented on your latest Instagram post saying how I felt generally unmotivated about writing my ebook. In your reply, you told me that you experienced a similar problem and shared what helped you. Well… it WORKED! I sat down to write an “About the Author” and then it just started flowing from me! Seriously, thank you.

    Needless to say, you are like, the PERFECT person to be sharing positive affirmations. Bookmarking this post to refer to any time that I’m in a funk. You the best! 💗

    • MAYA THAT MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!! I’m glad my suggestion worked for you and I can’t wait to read your ebook!

      And I’m so glad that this post resonated with you!! And YOU the best for being so supportive! 🙂

  • Beautiful post with such wonderful positive affirmations, these can really help a lot of people! You have such a beautiful website as well, if you ever want to guest blog on Rose-Minded, let me know!


  • Great list!! Like I said in a previous comment, I make affirmation cards that I hang in my room. I also draw on them to make them look pretty. 🙂 It’s a really fun self-care activity!

    • I love affirmation cards!! I used to write some and stick them on my mirror and look at them each morning!