44 Self Love Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are the bomb dot com, and so is self-love. Combine the two, and well you’ve got something magical. That’s why today we’re talking self-love affirmations!

If you’ve read any of my posts or my about me before, then you probably know that I’m a huge fan of three things (other than cookies, murals, and pizza): honesty, positivity, and vulnerability. And loving ourselves is the ultimate test in this. We have to be honest in how we think about ourselves, more positive in the way we speak about ourselves, and more vulnerable with our flaws and imperfections. By being honest, positive, and vulnerable, we are able to build ourselves up and become the badass, unicorn queens that we deserve to be.


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And one of my favorite ways of building myself up is through positive affirmations! Positive affirmations are your way of telling yourself and the Universe what you want, who you are, and how you see your life. They are short, positive statements that are active, and in the present tense.

And the great thing about them are that there are SO many ways to use them! Some people like to write them over and over again as a way of burning them into their subconcious. Others like to just keep them in their back pocket as something positive to say when they are stressed or anxious. My favorite it to choose a few to create a mantra, and then repeat this mantra as part of a daily meditation practice.

That’s the beauty of positive affirmations: they can be used however you need them most!

And to get you started, I have 44 self-love themed positive affirmations!

Positive Affirmations for Self Love
Positive Affirmations for Self Love


1.I approve of myself.

2. I love myself fully and deeply.

3. I am worthy of love.

4. I am worthy of joy.

5. My uniqueness is beautiful.

6. I deserve to feel healthy and good.

7. I deserve to treat my body with respect.

8. I am radiant.

9. I am joyous.

10. I am capable of anything.


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11. I believe in my abilities!

12. I am deserving of all successes, including happiness, peace, freedom, financial stability, love, and anything my little heart desires.

13. I forgive myself for not loving myself in the past.

14. I am free to be me.

15. I celebrate what makes me an individual.

16. I am lovable and lovely.

17. I approve of who I am and that is enough.

18. I approve of my choices and that is enough.

19. I approve of my body and that is enough (sensing a theme here yet?).

20. Making mistakes is not a weakness. It allows me to practice my ability to adapt.

21. I respect my body and listen to it’s needs.

22. I deserve rest and relaxation.

23. I am enough, no proof, paperwork, or validation required!


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24. I am proud of myself!

25. I am proud of all that I have accomplished.

26. “I celebrate myself and sing myself.” – Walt Whitman

27. I cherish myself and those around me who promote love and kindness.

28. I love who I am inside and out.

29. I release myself of negative thoughts, especially negative thoughts about myself.


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30. I do not need other people to validate me.

31. I do not need other people to tell me that I am great or worthy.

32. I can validate my own worth.

33. My approval is the only approval I need.

34. I am compassionate towards myself.

35. I value myself and my imperfections.

36. Today and every day I choose me.


Self Love Affirmation: Today and every day I choose me Click To Tweet


37. I am whole.

38. I do not need to be fixed!

39. Any brokenness is not weakness, it is vulnerability and connection and potential, all of which equal strength.

40. I am more than a body.

41. I am more than my mistakes.

42. I surround my fears and uncertainties with a loving embrace (because sometimes all we need to do is accept or discomfort and validate it so that we can move on to finding a way out of it).

43. I am fierce.

44. I am fabulous!


Comment below: What’s the most positive thing that you’ve said to yourself today?


Cheers to adventuring within,


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  • Bloggers Meet Bloggers

    I love this post! I need to print this list so I can include them into my meditation routine! Thank you so much!
    Bloggers Meet Bloggers

  • Melanie Chisnall

    Aaaaah I need to print this list and put it next to my mirror when I get ready every morning. Thank you!! 🙂 I only recently discovered the beauty and MAJOR benefit of self love affirmations. It’s so important to treat ourselves with the kind of love and respect we expect from others.

    • I love that you’re already thinking of ways to implement this into your life! Hanging it up next to your mirror is a great idea! I actually used to write on my mirror with an expo marker as well. It’s a little extra step that helps put the phrase into your subconscious even more!

  • Dee ☕️

    I love all of these! And all of the self love vibes & body positivity from your blog this month. Positive affirmations helped me overcome my self doubt yesterday about the Facebook group. I find them so helpful in any situation, and definitely believe they’re magical 😉

    Dee // http://www.morningcoffeewithdee.com

    • YES there is SO much magic in positive affirmations, and so much magic in your bravery to start the Facebook group (which I’m already loving BTW!).