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And welcome to Adventures with Asha! I know that most people say they are so glad to have you on their blog…but I’m beyond glad that you’re here.

Why? Well because you’re here for a reason.

Maybe you’ve been feeling a little bit lost in life + need some guidance?

Or maybe you’re feeling like your growth has been stagnate and are ready to take things to the next level?

You could be listening to your mom, friends, society, or your negative inner self just a little too much and are ready to start living according to you.

(Or maybe you’re one of my family and friends and are just being hella supportive – I see and appreciate y’all!)

Whatever your reason is for being here,  you, your growth, and your life are important and so totally matter. 

And that’s what Adventures with Asha is all about – helping you see your reasons, your passions, and yourself as the badass that they are. I’m here to help own your why, and start living according to you aka slay life.

You in?


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