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The Ultimate Treat Yourself Day!

This month we’ve been chatting all about healthy living, and what better way to close out the month than by treating ourselves! We’ve worked hard after all; we totally deserve it!

Now if you’re one of those “I refuse to undo all of my hard work with a treat!” type of people, please please please hear me out. Because even though my favorite type of treat is most definitely food based, there’s SO many other ways to treat yourself than with food!

How to Treat Yourself

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Eat, and then eat some more

Treating yourself doesn’t have to mean eating…but it certainly can. Let’s get the elephant out of the room and start by talking about the amazing brunch I had on my treat myself day.

I went to brunch at Wild Wood Bakehouse, a 100% gluten free café in Austin. Now there’s very few times (read: never) where I can walk into a restaurant and eat everything there. But I could at Wild Wood, and I basically ate them out of house and home. Their brunch was all you can eat, had bottomless mimosas, and was only $20. Needless to say, I was in heaven. Gluten free, food coma inducing, HEAVEN.

Do some shopping

Don’t wanna spend money on food? Cool, spend it on clothes! I’m a big fan of treating myself to a new item of clothing when I hit a big goal, whether that be losing a few pounds, getting a promotion, or keeping your kitchen clean. Because cleaning is hard too.

One thing I’ve been loving lately is Stitch Fix. You fill out an extensive style profile, including what types of clothing you like and how much you like to spend. Which if you’re like me is super important because I’m not trying to throw down $100 on ANYTHING let alone a sleeveless blouse. It won’t even keep me warm, and you want me to shell out a Benjamin?! I think not.

Once you’ve let them know your cheap ways preferences, your stylist (yeah, you get a STYLIST!) picks out clothing for you, boxes it up, and sends it your way! You keep what you want, send back what you don’t, and you don’t even have to leave your house. WIN WIN!

Use my Stitch Fix referral link here if you’re interested in giving it a shot. Full disclosure, if you sign up using my link, I get a $25 credit. Just keeping it real for ya. Because that’s how we do in the AWA fam.

Not into spending money at all? That’s cool too! Check out my 24 Hours of Fun on $24 post for some window shopping tips!


Now you may be like my dog, and be very concerned about why I would even suggest working out on a treat yo self day. This may seem counter intuitive, but starting my day with a good workout can actually be a great way to feel like I’ve been productive. Especially when I know I’m going to stuff my face later in the day. Plus I did my workout while watching the Walking Dead (which I’m now obsessed with btw!) so it was pretty enjoyable.

Take a midday break

I personally like to spend this time napping, but sometimes we can’t take our treat days on the weekends. So give yourself a treat moment – whether it’s at home or at work – and take a break. Go for a walk. Catch up on social media. Read a book. Whatever it is, just give yourself some time away from worrying about the rest of your life. It’s hella refreshing, I promise.

Plan for the upcoming week

[ctt template=”2″ link=”m4dk9″ via=”yes” ]Planning out my week is like a treat to my future self[/ctt]

Now that you’ve taken your break from worrying about life, I guess now it’s time to actually… worry about it. But not for too long, I promise! For me, planning out my week is like a treat to my future self. I like having when I’m hanging out with friends, what days at work are destined to be super busy, and when I can squeeze in a gym session all in one place. It helps me get my head right throughout the week, and with my life being as crazy and surprise filled as it is, I like controlling as much as I can, when I can.

Work on a passion or hobby

I’ve really fallen in love with blogging. I love being able to be creative and write posts and design Pinterest images and post on social media. It’s fun and exciting and so different than the work I do at my everyday job. Take some time for your passions. Find a hobby that makes you happy. And treat yourself to some extended time doing it.

Eat dessert first

I think this goes back when we were kids, and we always had to wait until after dinner to have dessert. If you ask me, that was silly. By that point I was already full, leaving much less room for my ice cream, chocolate syrup, cookie, brownie concoction that I had planned for dessert. My mom called it mud. I called it delicious. Too each their own I suppose.

[ctt template=”2″ link=”ePBgj” via=”yes” ]Having dessert first is like the ultimate middle finger to childhood.[/ctt]

Take a personal day

I’m lucky enough to work for a job that allows me to have flexible schedule (no, I’m not a full time blogger. I just work for a pretty kick ass employer). So I’m a fan of scheduling a personal day every now and again. I can get my errands done when everyone else is at work. I can leisurely get ready instead of the frantic fest that is my usual morning routine. It’s a great time, try it and thank me later.

Pamper yourself

Ahh yes. What would this list be without mentioning a good ol’ fashioned pamper session? Every Sunday, I try to sit down and do at least one pamper item. I’ll give myself a deep conditioning treatment. Maybe I’ll schedule a nail appointment or give myself a facial. Some Sundays all I can get to is using a nicely scented body wash and calling it a day. But dammit it is so nice.

Now see! I told you this wouldn’t all be about food! And to my count, I mentioned food way less than I normally do. I really held back, that’s how much I love ya.

So what’s one way you like to treat yourself?

Treat Yourself

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  • Sepideh

    Loved all these suggestions and I pretty much do the same!
    It’s funny how I feel the same – organizing my week feels like a ‘treat’ in a way because I’m taking care of my sanity and makes me feel organize and on top of my schedule!
    I love having a movie night at home too – order food (yes, food, and don’t forget the popcorn..!), cuddle up and watch a movie with my hubby. It’s a really nice feeling being able to just sit and not worry about having to get stuff ready for work and getting to bed at a certain hour to be able to wake up the next day.

    • Isn’t it weird how doing something as simple as scheduling can make such a BIG impact on our ability to chill out?! So glad I’m not the only one that finds it helpful!

  • Your dog is so cute! These are all great treat yo self activities.

  • Dymond Moore

    I do whole at home facials when I wanna chill.

    • Those are the best! I used to make one with oatmeal, brown sugar and honey that was great!

  • Cute & Classy

    I love putting on a face mask and laying in bed with some Netflix to treat myself every week. (Or at least I try)

    • Yaaaas! Netflix and chill nights are the best!

  • tour in style by rizelle

    and my fave part is eat dessert first!haha we are the same girly

    • Glad I’m not alone on that one!

  • Bibi Camilo

    I’m definitely treating myself, probably more often than I should! Lol, but it’s so important to have those days of pamper and relaxation – and lots and lots of eating! great post babe!

    • Thank you!! I also fall into the category of a person that treats herself a little bit too often! 😉

  • Aleah Gray

    I definitely treat myself by eating and shopping. It’s only right that you treat yourself after a lot of hard work. I always say treat yourself, don’t beat yourself. I absolutely love this blog post.

    • I love that saying! Treat yourself, don’t beat yourself! I’m going to use that!

  • Mary

    I’ve never thought of planning out my week as a treat but you are totally right! When I take the time to do it, it makes the rest of the week go so much smoother and I’m more likely to squeeze in some self care if I see it on my list of priorities for the week.

    • Exactly! Planning out my week lets me know ahead of time what days are going to be the most stressful. That way I can make sure to schedule some more self care and keep myself in check. 🙂